Staff FAQs

Is there internet access at Camp?
Yes. We have internet access in our staff lounge. This is made available to staff during their time off throughout the summer.

How do I get paid while at camp?
You will be able to take cash advances every two weeks during the summer. The remainder of your pay as well as your bonus and travel allowance if applicable will be given in a check at the end of the summer.

How do I cash my paycheck at the end of the summer?
Camp will cash your final paycheck for you at the end of the summer should you need us to.

What do I do with my valuables while at camp?
Everyone is encouraged to keep valuables (passports, money, wallets etc.) in the office safe during the summer. Access to the safe is available at specified times during the day. These times are posted at the main office.

How do I get to camp?
Drive:  For Directions, click here.

Fly:  The nearest airports are Manchester Airport (Manchester, New Hampshire – MHT) and Boston Logan Airport (Boston, Massachusetts – BOS). We can arrange for rides from these airports. Please call or email to let us know your travel itinerary and we can match you up with our scheduled pick up times.

Bus. You can take a bus from New York City and Boston. From New York you can take the Greyhound Bus Line - 800-229-9424. From Boston take Concord Coach Lines - 800-639-3317 to Center Harbor and we will pick you up from there.

What about transportation after camp?
We will help you get to the bus station or the airport to catch a flight after camp.

How do I notify you of my travel plans?
It is very important that you inform us via telephone (800) 487-9157 or email of your finalized arrangements.

What do I do if I have any questions?
Call the Winaukee main office at 800-487-9157. You can also email

What is the weather like at camp?
During the day at camp the weather is usually in the in the 80′s(Fahrenheit) or mid 20′s (Celsius). The nights can get cold in the beginning and toward the end of camp.

Do I need to bring blankets and sheets?
Staff coming from the U.S and Canada need to bring their own sheets and blankets. Overseas staff will be provided with sheets and blankets.

Will I get a day off?
Absolutely!  You will receive 1 day off each week.  There are so many fun areas to explore around camp!  You can chill out on a beach, hike the White Mountains, shop at the outlets or just relax on camp!

Where will I be living at camp?
Most of our staff live in the cabins with campers. Program heads and some other key staff live apart from the campers.

What do I pack for Camp?
Bring t-shirts, shorts, sweat pants, sweat shirts, towels, bathing suits, sneakers/cleats and any athletic equipment needed to teach your specific sport.