History & Tradition


Winaukee was founded in 1920 by three school teachers.


Jesse “Doc” Sobel and Moe Spahn, both graduate students at City College of New York, took over as camp directors. “Doc” Sobel, an All-American football, lacrosse and water-polo player, at Columbia University, was only 22 at the time.


The Island Camp was founded. Throughout the winter of 1945, “Doc” stayed at camp. Large equipment transported the building materials over the ice. To everyone’s surprise and delight, the Island camp was opened the following summer under the directorship of “Skipper” Bam.


“Doc” turns over the daily running of the camp to his sons Bart and John.


Jeff “Freedo” Freedman joins Winaukee to run the Island Camp.


Winaukee is directed by Dan & Brooke McCormack both of whom have a passion for continuing its traditions and values.