Top-notch facilities enable us to offer a wide-variety of land and water sports, outdoor adventure activities and hobbies. Our lush green fields are irrigated with underground sprinklers, and we have numerous age-appropriate courts and fields for soccer, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, street hockey and volleyball. The Sobel Indoor Sports Arena enhances the athletic program, rain or shine!

Nine tennis courts provide ample opportunity for lessons and competition. Individual pursuits are enjoyed on the archery range, golf driving range, mini-golf course ¬†and outdoor adventure center. The jewel in Winaukee’s crown is beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, where campers swim, waterski, sail, kayak, canoe, fish, or take a lake cruise to places of interest on the “Hubba-Hubba”, our own 26-foot cruiser.


The Playhouse, located in the center of the campus, offers loads of fun activities. The Hobby Center includes a stage, ping pong tables, a movie theatre, a huge arts and crafts center and a woodworking shop. A magnificent fieldstone fireplace can be found in the center of this classic structure that was constructed in 1920.

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is located in the center of campus, only a few short strides from the bunk rows. The atmosphere is festive and lively. We offer a large variety of nutritious and well-prepared selections, and alternatives are available at every meal. A large salad bar with a plethora of options and a daily pasta selection are offered at both lunch and dinner.


An apple a day…

The Winaukee infirmary is located above the center of campus, just a short walk away from the bunk row. It is home to our registered nurses, who live at camp during the whole season. It also includes all the comforts of home along with a professionally equipped doctor’s office. If you don’t feel well, don’t worry, there’s a great medical staff to help you!

Junior Row

Junior Row is where the younger campers, who have finished 1st through 4th grades, live for the summer. Tucked into the trees fronted by a huge sandy beach, the bunks, all recently remodeled and pine paneled, have electricity, hot and cold running water and bathroom facilities.

Senior Row

Home to boys who have finished 5th and 6th grades on the Mainland. Senior row cabins have been completely remodeled with new porches, lighting, pine paneling, and windows, in addition to a brand new shower house. All bunks face beautiful Lake Winninesaukee.