Special Events & Trips

Exciting special events and evening activities round out the program on the Mainland. Evening activities include sports leagues, campfires, skits, and special events such as carnival, bowling, luau, s’mores parties, outdoor movies and lake excursions.

Sundays at Winaukee are a very special day!  The Mainland camp is divided into four teams, and campers spend the day engaged in friendly competition until Indian Tribal Council commences after dinner.  During this special traditional Winaukee ceremony, staff members, dressed in Native American garb, present the prestigious Winaukee Tree of Values: Enthusiasm, Loyalty, Sportsmanship, Friendship, Achievement and Cooperation awards to the campers and staff for that week. Basking in the glow of a huge bonfire with your summer family is the perfect culmination of an exciting week at Winaukee!

Off campus trips are memorable summer highlights. Each grade is scheduled for age-appropriate out-of-camp excursions, which may include canoe and sailing trips on the lake, hiking adventures throughout the White Mountains, sporting games, waterparks and beaches.

Socials are held throughout the summer for campers finishing 4th, 5th & 6th grades with our sister camp – Camp Robindel. The number and format of the socials vary by age group, and include beach parties, bbq’s and “sportials” – socials while playing sports.

Weekly visits are scheduled for campers with sisters at Camp Robindel and Camp Wicosuta.